Creating a UPSC level institution of Indian ministers services, For Indian ministers.

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In India politics is a dirty pot having Member of Parliament(MP), Member of legislative assembly (MLA), Member of legislative council (MLC) seriously involved in corruption and criminal cases. There should be a proper institution from where graduates should be hired by Indian political parties. Then political parties can give tickets to the graduate members of that institution. This will create a well formed mind having essential criteria for governing a gigantic country like India. 

Who will create this?

Parliament (Rajya sabha) has a power to form a all India level services. This institution can work parallel with Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration ( A premier institute of India's Bureaucrats).

How will it work?

UPSC will conduct examination of this institution on graduate level. After qualifying this examination they will be undergo 1 year training period. After a year graduate can be allowed to be a member of any political party. From where they will be allowed to fight a particular election.

What will it do?

It will make a mind which is well formed to govern our country. The qualified candidates will possess quality such as ethics , knowledge, wisdom and vision to govern our country in a right direction. 

Why it is needed?

Our vast country is a victim of unethical, money minded, criminality and bad politics. Polititions are involved more on vote politics and not involved in understanding the values of the Infia's culture and heritage. MP or MLA are serious about releasing statement which pleases there vote margin rather than statement benefiting country. Here bold statement comes on animals rather than a poor fellow who seriously needs a good governance for them as well as for country. So this should be changed.