COVID-19 affecting economy of middle class people

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Hi, I'm just a teenager who belongs to a middle class family. I'm writing this for everyone who sees their parents worrying about how they'll manage to pay due bills because of this lockdown and are not able to do anything. There are people out there who have loans & Interests to pay, and because of the lockdown, the loan dates have been extended and the intrest rate has not been spared looking at the economy dropping. 

The electricity bills, house rents, shop rents and what not, I think the country is doing great for the poor people but what about us? Alot of us earn from small self owned businesses and have responsibilities on us. We respect the nation, and we know its for the better, but we need help too. We've a shelter, but we might trade it for cash later to save ourselves. We've food, but we might later not be healthy enough by mental stress to get back on our feet. We are trying our best to cope with the current existing situation, but after the extra two week extention, I don't know if my parents can make it through without serious mental pressure. 

Let's please join in this together, so that we can fight this pandemic without losing ourselves completely. Share this with people, who has bills due, fees due, and so much more and ones, who are quietly struggling because we love our nation but our hands are tied. Sign this petition so that we can actually raise this issue.