Change The Indian Education System

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Education sector is one of the most important sectors that effect a countries future in every possible way,but seeing the present condition of our education system that we follow is raising concerns for improvement and changes at an alarming rate.

We see students who commit suicide every year while we wait and watch them suffer in pressure, pain and depression.Stuck within misery just because the education system isn't good enough at the moment to create that stable and balanced environment.

I ask you a very simple question, do you try to engineer and design  a television or do you buy it from the country that's has already pioneered it and just sell it to the people, because just like a normal person you acknowledge what a waste of time, energy and money  it would be to research and create your own television and then sell it. The same principle applies to everything else whether it's a product, or service and you see it being applied every where except where it's needed the most, the education sector. 

We Students are Human beings and not some lab rats that the Indian government along with NCERT can experiment upon with an empty virtue of creating a better education system. Every year you try some new scheme and million of innocent students have to suffer in the name of experimentation to create a better system when you can easily just take the education system of a developed country and implement it here, take the American Education System or Finland education system for that matter, just see the difference between ours and theirs and you will easily realize that there's a reason Indian Education System is soo poor. 

So why not take their education system and implement it here.Better management, better options and choices and overall a better environment nationwide for all the students to study in can be achieved .A system that's nurturing and has better opportunities to offer and more scope for development of practical knowledge and less academical pressure with no compulsion to study the subjects that don't really matter to you whether it's your interest or career wise which helps in using every minute of your life in studying things you really want to learn in understanding concepts that actually matter.

This is what I envision,an education system  that actually makes a difference at the end of the day and is more about education and less about the system.

I hope you share the same idea and help me take this step by signing this petition for a better tomorrow.