Change India's outdated CBSE syllabus to include World War History

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  • Make NCERT include comprehensive history of two World Wars amongst CBSE education curriculum, without prejudice.
  • Detailed information on Jewish holocaust, its impacts and ramifications.  
  • Further knowledge updation must trickle down to various state boards of India. 

NB: An actual 'Education Minister' does not even exist.

I'm born in India as Karan Chandra Bose, and I'm Jewish.

I've had to learn everything about being Jewish, my censored history and cultural leanings with no credit to my Indian higher secondary school education. In fact, the curriculum is so rampant with brainwashed, outdated syllabus that there's no room to breathe for a question of knowledge on a global scale. World War History affects everyone and clearly India seems to be living in the past. Knowledge dissemination is extremely poignant at a young age, not to mention minds of all backgrounds. 


Clearly, India does not seem to improve seeing how news reports have been rampant for years with 'saffronising' of NCERT issued textbooks. The nation seems to be hell bent on mimicking closed nations such as North Korea, Iran or a model apropos to the Chinese government or even the USSR. 



This is my petition that needs to be made heard in a land of religious oppression, violence and discord.


Indian laws clearly state lack of discrimination on grounds of race, gender and creed.

Implementation of aforementioned law is very well known within Indian diaspora to be void. 


When a simple change can be implemented, the nation's peoples can be more aware of value based understanding in all matters of daily life. It sparks hope in their souls to get up each new day and tackle the problems that may come their way.

Only then, can this nation truly progress towards being a developed nation / society. 


NB. Skeptics:

Sustainable development is entirely different from senseless expansion. One needs to only take a thorough glance at the resoluteness of Japanese governmental society as a role-model of comparison.