change of life in India

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Environment is major part of our life. It is what we breathe, eat and stay along with. But recent urbanization and developmental activities have all affected the sustainability and clean fresh air to breath in throughout India. Delhi, the capital of India itself is declared the most polluted city in the world. Donald Trump, the president of USA also made fun and criticized the quality of air in India. All political leaders and their manifestos for India's development and future are invisible towards environmental problems and have no mention whatsoever about planting trees, curbing pollution, ban of plastics, etc. All these things are leading to problems like temperature increase, depletion of rain, etc. Acres and acres of lands are left empty, why not implement compulsory plantation of trees and vegetation on them? divider between roads also are left empty with soil, again, why not plant tress?

Strong steps are needed to be taken in order to be able to sustain in the future. Its not for my betterment, but for the future generation and future of our Country.

This petition just clearly wants the government of India to answer the question.. What steps is the GOI taking to save the environment?, and new laws and regulation be released to the same effect for planting trees and curbing pollution.

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