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Fight against corrupt and black education system

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In India Education system is no more remains an education system because it has become a Business. No one cares that you learn something or not. Family and relatives wants you to get high marks school or college wants you to just pay them a lot and the companies wants skilled and experienced. Everyone wants skilled  and experienced but no one wants to give a chance to freshers. A student waste his life in running for marks.


1) Bhed chaal:- no matter what you want to become or what you want to do in life just keep on studying the same thing s others. you want to be a doctor, programmer, musician, etc.... no one cares you have to waste your time in solving maths equations, studying biology, reading economics, etc..... Just keep on studying until complete 12th. Everyone study the same thing.

2) Information Based:- our education system just force us to read, read and read only no matter what you gain just read and write to pass exams to get in other class. No way possible to get some knowledge and increase your knowledge. #Ratta maar.

3) Teachers are not well trained:- Some teacher are so amazing that whatever they teach everyone understands easily they don't waste time but there are so many teachers that don't know how to teach. They pass the college and come back to the college to teach without any training. Universities and Schools hire teachers on the basis of less salary pay not on the basis of their skills.

4) College and school in not sufficient:- after a student has wasted a lot of time there they then have to waste some time to get skilled and for this they again have to pay a lot. market requires skilled and experienced person but at the age of 25 years a student don't get a job because he is skilled but not experienced.

5) Theory based:- our education system is all about theory based no practical in education.

6) Business:- today schools and colleges wants only money. This education has become a way of earning a lot of money. these are become like shops in the market like one by one shop in a line. all wants to increase no. of students no one wants to make that amazing what they have. 

7) Mental pressure:- due to this poor ways of education so many students drop education in between because they get fail in exam and society see him like he did murder. "Fail hote hi logo ka nazariya hi badal jata hai" some peoples in the society start spreading negativity of a failed student. parents say "tuney tou hamari naak katadi". Some students drop education in between, some keeps on struggling, some keeps on finding Juggad's and some quit there life.

These type of things in our education system leads to rise in crime, violence and educational black marketing and black money. There are so many charges in these educational shops other than fees that have no record like fines and this all is black money that goes directly in pockets without any record.

So many students go to buy degrees illegally, so many pay to get pass in exam and so many pay to take admission such as donations.

Education is more corrupted than any other in India but no one wants to look at it to change it or to improve it.

Solution:- Education system needs to focus on practical.

Practical only no book reading and memorizing.

Skill based education. 

Open subject choices.

Education needs to change to change India for future. India can develop more and more faster if the education system is changed. Crime rate will decrease everyone will become skilled everyone will become busy in there jobs and they will surely love what they do. Work will become passion.

Every year lacks of student gets degree but only some gets job some, some don't get the job for what they prepared and others are always hunting for job.

Everyone have faced this brutality of education in their own life but only some raise there voice. Now everyone please come together for your own, for your kids, for your brothers, for your sister or for anyone please come together to fight against this major problem.

Thank you to read this please share this as more as possible and please support this.


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