Cancel or Postpone All Board Exams 2022 In India ��

Cancel or Postpone All Board Exams 2022 In India ��

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Subject:- Conducting Board Exams amidst COVID-19 wave.

Respected Sir/Ma’am,
I am a student studying in 10th / 12th Standard and would be forced to appear in the upcoming Board Exams in the month of March. I am representing lakhs of helpless students by writing this letter/e-mail. I am deeply grieved because a need has risen to write this letter.

*The following are our main concerns:-*

●During the last two years, we students have been restricted to use online platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, etc) to undertake all types of education. Also all of our examinations were conducted in online mode. Due to this we haven’t attempted any offline exam. It’s not an easy job to write a 3 hour long paper without any previous practice and this one of the most important and career defining examination of our lives. This makes it really unfair for us.

●Due to the lockdown imposed by the government, our colleges were shutdown and we could not attend any lectures as well as practicals.

●Because of the online education pattern we students faced a lot of difficulties in grasping different concepts which were entirely new to us. Hence our concepts are not clear till date.

●The CBSE Board conducted the exams in two parts. One of the parts being MCQ based which will favour CBSE students over HSC students while acquiring admissions in senior colleges.

●The new Omicron variant is increasing day-by-day. Also the WHO has stated the Omicron variant is spreading faster than the Delta variant. The Indian Government on Tuesday (21/12/2021) said that based on scientific evidence, Omicron Variant is at least three times more transmissible than the Delta Variant.Conducting offline exams might pose a fatal threat not only to the students but also to the entire population of the nation.

●If the exams are conducted in an offline mode there will be large mobs of students as well as parents and teachers in and around the examination centres. It is inconvenient to maintain social distancing Even if a single person has been infected by the virus, the infection may spread rapidly and mass contamination may occur.

The announcement was made very late resulting in hassle and chaos in the minds of students.

●The global pandemic has caused lots of students to lose their loved ones, creating a negative atmosphere around the world. The news of offline exams has caused a lot of distress which might lead to depression and students being stressed. This may cause some students to take life endangering steps.

We, the students hereby sincerely request you to please consider our plea and do the needful. Please either cancel the exam or find an alternative solution which are in the right interest of the students mental as well as physical health.

*An event cancelled is better than a life cancelled.*

*Yours sincerely,*
*A concerned student.*


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83 have signed. Let’s get to 100!