Ban TikTok from India

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TikTok is making our countries youth dumb everyday. On the internet there are many things to do rather than watching TikTok for hours. The creators of TikTok are doing really nothing other than reacting to existing Bollywood musics and dialogue. Content creators who really has something to offer for the youth and all other citizens of this country are using YouTube and really sharing useful information from cooking tips, gaming, original series, technology information and news. Lots of good things are there on YouTube and other forums online. But TikTok really has nothing to offer but making people dumb and causing many relationship to break. Our country has so much potential in Arts and Science, but if youths are left doing TikTok and watching 15 sec of nonsense everyday there will be no sense left at all. The taste of our young generation becoming mediocre day by day. Youths don't know about classics and literature of our great Indian artists, but left watching TikTok for entire day, which has no impact of development or betterment of the society. We need change in a big way. Small step to ban TikTok can be a giant leap towards the improvement of youth. I request everyone to sign the petition and i request respected PM Narenda Modi and respected Telecom Minister to look into this matter and take action regarding this.