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Ban plastic bags in India!!

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Using the plastic bags is ruining our environment.. They don't degrade over the time. The plastic bags just turn into smaller pieces and get to the ocean which is consumed by the sea creatures which inturn is consumed by us and also harms our body because we can't digest the plastic.

There this 50 micron plastic in place but even need to be that banned.. Till the time we have plastics​ manufactured, it'll keep adding to the landfill and segregation too won't work because will keep using them as trash covers.

Most plastic bags are non recyclable too. Plastics aids in climate change and also makes the city look very dirty and non livable.

Though we segregate our waste, putting the wet waste in the garbage bag kills the whole purpose of segregating. Nobody really empties the garbage bag onto the earth to help degrade instead is thrown directly which only rots in the landfill. If the plastic bag is banned, the kitchen waste is directly in contact with the earth which then turns into rich manure..

Help us save the environment for us, also for our kids and for the generations to come ..

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