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Ban Outdoor Adds In India

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To the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

Swachh Bharat (English: Clean India Mission) is nearly impossible when the clutter and color of our current urban & rural landscapes seem inextricably entwined with the Film,Commercial and political outdoor advertisements in every corner of the country.

Five Years After Banning Outdoor Ads, Brazil's Largest City Sao Paulo Is More Vibrant Than Ever. In September 2006, São Paulo’s populist mayor, Gilberto Kassab, passed the so-called “Clean City Law," outlawing the use of all outdoor advertisements, including on billboards, transit, and in front of stores.

Before being enacted, the law triggered grave alarm among city businesses and other economic constituents. Critics worried that the advertising ban would entail a revenue loss of $133 million and a net job loss of 20,000. Fears that the city would look worse without the mask of the media alarmed residents. Despite the concerns, the law passed and the 15,000 billboards cluttering the world’s seventh largest city were taken down.

Five years later, São Paulo continues to exist without advertisements. But instead of causing economic ruin and deteriorating aesthetics, 70 percent of city residents find the ban beneficial, according to a 2011 survey. Unexpectedly, the removal of logos and slogans exposed previously overlooked architecture, revealing a rich urban beauty that had been long hidden.

To see images of São Paolo immediately following the ban, check out this photo collage.

Clearing the clutter is very critical for the Indian Economic growth.  


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