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Ban Khaini Tobacco!!

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I understand we live in a free country and everyone has the right to do whatever they want as long as they are not harming anyone. I travel daily to work sometime in busses and sometime in trains and they are crowded to full. And i see people eating Khaini Tobacco or smokeless tobacco in middle of the crowded place without minding anybody. Its true it dosen't produce smoke but it produce dust while making whenever they are eating. People eat khanini first placing dried tobacco leaves in their hands and grind it with their finger finely and then they tried to clear out the unwanted portion by blowing out with their mouth or by hand. It not only harm the addict, it produces the dust which when breath in by unwanted passenger or public it causes severe irritation, sneezing and teary eyes. People seems to care less whether there are other people, women or children. I understand its tough to quit khaini becasue it produces more nicotine than cigarette and people get addicted by it but i and many other helpless people like me like this product khaini should be totally banned. 

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