Atrocities done to students of FORWARD CASTE

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  1. Let BJP GOVT initiate action atleast now in scraping the reservation system atleast to the level that such ppl who live on reservation sympathy are given reservation benefit only once in lifetime (12th admn. / MBBS/PG/Employment etc etc).
  2. Monitor this through AADHAR number. Reservation alienates FORWARD CASTE by overdosing reservation more than once.One AADHAR-One time reservation is like One Man-One Vote; One post principle.
  3. Further,for IIT and Medicine,only merit brains should enter.
  4. If one steps into our shoes,they realise that FORWARD CLASS are the new LOWER CLASSES !
  5. Reservation beneficiaries have to be put on higher tax brackets, once they start earning.
  6. Meritorious students should be given clear preferences over all these democratic caste based prejudices.
  7. These amendments are a must to safeguard the rights of Students belonging to the FORWARD CASTE.
  8. Do sign this petition to bring a change in the lives of students ! This is clearly a struggle for justice to people of the FORWARD CLASS who are the new UNDERPRIVILAGED !.