a petition to build accountability, to break the nexus

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As a citizen of India , it’s our responsibility to protect our nation. The scams over the last decade have been alarming to state the least , smacks of a growing nexus , where the mighty and the powerful are conniving and are being “facilitated” to loot the nation. 

There has to be some accountability.

Look at the Mallya scam , he’s built a mansion abroad after being a defaulter in our nation. Look at the Nirav Modi scam , the man has shocked us with the magnanimity of the fraud ! We live in India , where banks make our lives miserable for the smallest of tasks like opening an account , KYC , etc etc etc . Getting a draft made can cost you half a day , you will be slaughtered with all the signatures , verifications and compliances. That’s all good , we respect the same as Internal controls age necessary , but our questions are ?

1. How did Nirav Modi and his gang manage to connive with the bank officials ? We’d like to know the Derivative used to unearth the underlying price �

2. How did the same Lou ‘s keep getting issued?

3. What was the role of the consortium ?

4. Are these Lou’s not a part of a maker checker mechanism ? Is there no hierarchy who reviews and approves these before these are issued ? 

5. If yes , how did they get issued ?

6, How did he manage to utilise the existing ones to obtain fresh ones as a top up ?

7. How was the banking system manouvered to fail all possible controls ?

8. Didn’t the magnanimity of the amounts involved (12000 Crores) raise eyebrows during bank audits ? 

9. Wasn’t there any qualification on the audit reports ? 

10. Most importantly, how did he get to know that he’s now going to be under the scanner and how did he manage to flee the country just before the scan was unearthed ? 

Im an Indian Citizen and a proud national and want to be so , but these organised frauds are eroding my confidence faster than how the call options eroding the value of bonds ! 

We need answers , pls bring him to task , protect your people. Protect your nation . Send a strong message by a punishment so severe that no one ever dares to repeat this again !