A law to ensure 'politicians' perform and do their job properly

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A friend of mine lost his job because he could not meet the targets his company had set for every employee in the same position for that year. Quite fair, because, if the company was paying him a salary against certain deliverable s than we should not blame the company for asking him to leave. He appeared for the interview, his former company believed in his potential, believed that he can deliver before appointing him, agreed to pay him the salary he demanded. So, company is not at fault for asking him to leave when he failed to deliver.

If every working class has to deliver against the salary they are receiving from cook, chef, cleaner, clerk, marketing sales guy, doctor, engineer then - Why there is no system in place to check if our elected representatives are performing or not and ways to enable them to perform?? Why they are given five long years? There should be a system to review their performance annually? Appropriate action should be taken after reviewing their performance. They should not be allowed to enjoy all the facilities, take home the salary even when they are not performing as no other Indian has this liberty to eat without performing.

We must not allow a non performing MP or MLA to enjoy free home, free electricity, water, telephone, free travel plus a big fat salary for 5 LONG YEARS? We must develop a system to review the work they have done in their constituency every year and take steps to ensure that they deliver and fulfill the promises they made to people of their constituencies.

Therefore, the Government needs to introduce a law, a system in place where:

1) Like every other worker, the elected representatives performance must be reviewed annually and be given warning for non performance and 'stars' for doing the work in their constituencies. Annual report of the review should be made public for all to know who are the performers and who are the 'cheaters'.

2) There should be a system in place which can check whether the elected representative is making any effort or not. There may be other reasons/challenges due to which the elected representative is not able to perform, all that must be analysed and support should be in place to help him or her perform.

3) The system should ensure that their salary is cut down to half if they see no improvement after two years/two warnings.

4) If there is a representative who shows no improvement, he or she must be expelled from the party, basically the party should ask him or her to leave or The Party should not be allowed to give them another chance to contest elections, considering the fact that maximum people of this country are emotional and simple and they believe everything their leader shares in his speech.

5) I don't think any person who is not committed to his constituency or country should be allowed to enjoy the luxuries without providing any service in return because EVERY PERSON IS IMPORTANT not just them.

A lot of people will say 'India main yeh sab nahin chalega'...My response to them, go back read Indian History, a lot happened and a lot has happened whenever 'ONE' true leader emerged.






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