Inspired by Julien Blanc, Conor McGregor, HG Tudor and the Hodgetwins​.​My heroes!

Inspired by Julien Blanc, Conor McGregor, HG Tudor and the Hodgetwins​.​My heroes!

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Hg Tudor started this petition to Hg Tudor (Unknown)

No stds please I don't have any Lol im just saying is all


safety first.....


This is my life.this is my message....


Im getting justice and my own back on everyone

When I say everyone I mean everyone


Im like the elephant,I never forget.


All I do is for fun and trolling purposes

I see gsyness when i oook st the white people

I aoso see stiffness lol

The whire species will crumble,as they always do.As all the others do and will

Im bottling man

We are raping and killing everyone

Enjoy it

Slew dem

Gook coon nigga paki white twats

Im the best sex

Seek first to understand then to be understood.

Jokes are joKea

I'm innocent lol don't judge me

Don't bother having at  go at me

You don't know what you're talking get about get your facts right 

You can say anything you want

Bring it on

Facts are facts 

I know what people are like 

I'll put a stop to all this madness 

I already am the prime minister and potus to me

You can't stop me

The king is coming LOL haahahahahaha

Give up....the king is here...back with a bit of self deprecation. ....I'm untouchable...All hail

The king is here

I'm the orignal

Let's have a do son

I am god

I am the second coming of christ

I say what I say and do what I do

I am the ruler of the numbers

I am the ruler of the universe

You can say what you want about me

I am Bond, James Bond

I'm an Internet troll

I work for rsd ( real social dynamics )

(No one's been harmed and no crimes have been commited)

I'm a murderer ,a killer and a rapist

Im  the worst and most evil of all time

I am Satan I'm the devil I am lucifer

Heads will roll

People getting decapitated ...everyone 

Don't push it.don't push me

And that's that 


Everyone's getting raped and killed 

Murdered LOL

I don't make mistakes or get tired EVER

You do NOT me .that's your punk ass

I don't need your help you BUM

Everyone loves me

We are all gods 


I am god

I am the second coming of Christ

I am the chosen one


I've been narcissistically abused and bullied all of my life

Which includes heart murder ,soul rape and mind rape

I want justice please

This was partly made for motivational purposes 

For self amusement purposes

Parodies and self parodies 


pranks and experiments

And anything I want lol



Welcome to my world 

I am the evil villain

I am Satan

I am the devil 


This is the end

I am Hg Tudor

Just a bit of joking around and social experimentation 


We are going to kill and rape everyone 

You're dead whens I see you wait till I get my hands on you 

You're finished 

You wait until later tonight 

I AM NIGGA A RACIST AND RAPIST jk what more can I say I'm still alive let the good times roll

I'm here that's what I'm trying to say

I'm the worst


"I'm ready to die now " LOL

I'm ready to die now

jk it's just this pc culture madness thats made me this way


It's freedom of speech I'm just free associating expressing myself it doesn't mean anything don't worry 

If youre upset and angry about it even better haha

I'm back batty boy

Youll do nothing!!!haha

I've posted my petitions around randomly.ill see how it goes

I have a messed up sense of humour at times lol 

Anyway the past is gone it's a fresh start

It doesn't matter

I'm just messing about

Trolling practise

Well see 

I feel I'm in everyone's head at the moment. ...

....I will enjoy a true champion 


We are going to shoot ,behead and murder everyone you'll see ! hahaha jk

Everyone's making up stories about me as usual


Well see how it goes

You're pure evil 

I am angels having an orgasm lol....

It's society's fault that my situation has been the way it has and it continues to be

I'm making a new reality a fresh start using my cameras and alarms

Then we'll see what you'll do

What can I say.I said it is what it is.a joke all hilarious and amusing 

I'm not here to hurt anyone or get into trouble 

It's a disgrace

It's not fair on me

Ignorance that's what it is and convenience as I suffer in silence

Anyway I've got more to say below



No bad feelings 

Im not sure what to do and say really haha

I may as well say something lol

Don't blame me for what you do 

It all leads to more numbers for me

I'm the richest and wealthiest

You've been exposed

I work for rsd (real social dynamics)

Please read all of my petition and petitions

I know all about you

You know who I mean

And you know what I mean


Everything does

It doesn't matter what ...


Its the numbers life. .... ;)

I can never get things right hahaha

Silly me

I'm the chosen one 

Well well well

It's over

You're finished 

I am god

I'm just messing with you

Just spreading the word


I am the ruler of the universe and the ruler of the numbers

Say what you want 

Use me as inspiration and motivation 

I'll put some links on here for you 

I'm the goat 


I'm the best in every way better than everyone else ever.of all time and always will be.

Don't be afraid

I'm into self development

Check out this funny link for entertainment

And this one

No fear

It'll be over soon

It's all over

It's never over

World war 3


It's all my fault 

Let's go out and kill all the blacks!

They said im not black enough for them,  let's end this madness and kill them all! LOL

White supremacy!

Do whatever you want it's your life

I've had enough now

It's upto me

I'm the best behaved



Virtue signalling bums! 

I'm just kidding and trolling LOL

My name is Jonathan Hart

The guy in the picture

For self amusement purposes only

Im retarded

I'm a rapist I have aids aids and I rape new born babies everyday

That's the truth

Satire, parodies and self parodies 

I'm into many things

No need to take me seriously

Life's a joke 

it's over forget about it

Let it begin

I'm just messing around

Check out the video on pure ocd on the school of life youtube channel 

There it is

Also have a look at the BBC news article on a man who has it

Thats the one

There's stuff on narcissistic abuse on YouTube 

Sam Vaknins stuff for example ,activism of cares ,hg tudors plus others

Thanks for looking abuse my petition's ,they're the best

Only here to make the world a better place,to change the world



I'm an action taker

I am whatever I say I am

I've done my best there's loads on here I know oh well

I may edit it a bit ill see

The king is here

its on again. It's never over

May as well kill myself I'm crazy

Sorry Im just kidding I didn't mean that

Get lost you started it


I'm mentally ill

You know what you've said and done 

Im disabled 

I don't know what to say anymore

I'm fed up every time I think about it

What do you people want from me?

I'm still alive


I've been narcissistically abused and bullied all of my life

I want justice

I've had pure OCD for years

I have narcissistic abuse syndrome 

I just want to share my life 

Some stories etc

Hello everyone how's it going?

Fuck off and die

Fuck off you dumb bitches haha

It's payback time 

Time to get everyone back lol

Fomo that's what it is 

You started this leave me alone

Fear of missing out

I dont have to do anything 

I've never snitched  or been an undercover policeman

I've never worked for the police and I'm not a criminal lol I keep saying it because it's true haha

Please stop wasting my time

And dont waste your own

I'm not getting anyone in trouble don't worry 

That seems to be what people tend to think and say about me

Oh well

I'm the best I always have been

What can I say

I'm not a grass or snitch 

I don't know what to put on here or what to do

I just want to get on with everyone

I'm a freemason 

You can all kill yourselves 

I can't wait to show everyone what im made of


I am Hg Tudor

Me and my special petition's....LOL

This is my social media page 

I have the highest I. Q and E.Q 

Dont mess with me ;)

Im the best performer in life 

I'm the best in every way

I'll try not to fall out with everyone 

Global orgie's and gang bangs to resolve the world's issues

I'm living life

This is real this is no fake

Porn star, pimp and male escort

You can say and do what you want

It's your life 


Good times

Cuckold in champions and randomness

Any ideas please post here for more content please or any other ideas cheers

Hi there

This is a bit all over the place

Oh well 

I'm the king

I am the number one

At least I'm trying 

Get off my back and leave me alone

I am the richest and most wealthy 

This has lots of information on it to help you in life 

Including some affirmations and suggestions 

Doesn't matter what anyone thinks or says

I'm the best

I get better everyday

Narcissistic abuse is the most relevant topic in the world right now and I'm exposing it

It's all good




Perception is reality 

The blueprint 

I predict the future

I am the prime minister

I'm not a bad person

I'm into social experiments

I may make it worldwide news

I am the chosen one

Don't bother me I won't bother you

Well see how people are

How things go

I can handle anything 

No mistreatment of me

I've been clear from day one

I'm trying my best

Seems there's a huge bias against men in society today

All for self amusement

Lifes a joke everythings hilarious and amusing

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and reading my petition

You've got to have a laugh


Such a shame 

I speak my truth u to the universe

I have nothing to lose 

I am manifesting......:D 

Maybe I've taken if too far last time haha who knows

Please read all

No one's going to help me out are they I'm the enemy lol

I am god

I am the second coming of Christ

I am Hg Tudor , checkout my youtube channel,it's called,knowing the narcissist .And knowing the narcissist:The ultra. Thank you.


I don't have any worries

Putting my goals out there into the universe making it clear

I love this this is fun

I'll try do this the best I can

Putting things into context in case anyone has any funny ideas about me

I'm enjoying my day I'm not a grass or snitch

Anyone believe me or don't whatever

I am the man in the picture

I'm enjoying my day 

Check out hg tudors, Sam vaknins and activism of cares workings...on YouTube please 

Just to have a word about narcissistic abuse and pure ocd 

School of life's video on pure ocd and the BBC news article of it,have a look please

It's a new day

Self protection 

Plus anything  else I wish to share

I'm not sure what to say or do really,seems like a good idea somehow though

I can always delete it or edit it haha

I'm not sure what the future holds we shall see

Im fed up now

To keep you on your toes ill be wearing cameras and use cameras .Also alarms.

Check out activism of care YouTube channel and donate

I've decided to not let anyone mess me around anymore ,bully or abuse me.Not anymore.

I'm into pranks and experients, among other things . Activism for example.Trolling etc.having a laugh and banter.Just letting everyone know I'm here. And what I stand for.and who I am, if you will.

I've just set things straight 

Well see how everything goes 

I enjoy social experimentation 

I'm enjoying my day all that matters are the numbers 

I'm not messing about

I know what I want and I go and get it


Nothing else matters 

I haven't said everything wrong lolol I'm self amusing and expressing myself most of the time.All the time.what will be will be.we are all in this together.this is my message to the world. 

I've done nothing wrong I'm not crazy

I don't work for the police and I'm not a criminal

Practising  ,engaging in the moment living my life

If that makes sense to anyone

I know what I mean

It doesn't have to make sense

It's my life I am free

Just to clarify

Dont be rude to me, that's not on.It doesn't matter who you are.

I'm not committing crimes or harming anyone

I never have been

Thank you

This is one of social media pages,I'm just fooling around 

No more lies and made up stories

Try your best haha 

I speak the truth

I don't use social media only this really and YouTube 

Any who..

..don't take me too seriously 

You've got the right man


Thank you 

No need to fall out

Peace and love xx ;) :D :p 

Everythings ok

I am clear and correct

I am the chosen one

I told you

Im back

I'm here now

Ive heard it all before

Bring it on

Let's go

Nothing you can do to stop it

Spot on

I'm always ready

Ready for anything 

I am the world's most beautiful man

No one will hurt me again

I don't want to offend or appear to patronise anyone lol

I'm an infinite creator 

Thanks for being understanding 

Tell me what you think and feel about this

Feel free, you're welcome! ;)

Thanks for reading signing and sharing

Take care xx


I have undercover policeman , immunity from the law by the way  hahaha I'm showing off now rubbing it in


I can do anything  I want whenever I wamt

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