Save the dignity of women and Girls #NoSilenceForViolence #MahilaMitra

GOVERNMENTS certainly DONT WORK FOR CITIZENS INTERESTS & dont tax corporations.
Water scarcity,Hurricane, Geoengineering, Cancer are MAN MADE & NOT NATURAL DISASTERS .
US HEGEMONY, MASS DEPOPULATION & TRANSHUMANISM of select few elites seems to be agenda.

Deadly GMOs -

Cell towers & 5G are deadly too -

Governments & Corporations work hand in hand to grab more money & power & silence the truth TAKING AWAY RIGHTS , RIGHT TO LIFE & DIGNITY, using taxpayers money.

Laws are made by corporations and governments work for global banks and big corporations. These entities can avoid taxes but the taxpayers have to pay it and they dont deserve right to participate in governance.

Money is made to corrupt.
Agenda 21, Depopulation
Secret societies operate in opposite of what people expect the world to be. Government & Corporate secrecy is deadly. Wars are done for agenda & profits.

2 years ago
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