Give us the Option to buy Glass Milk Bottles instead of plastic, in NZ!

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A little man from the UK started delivering milk in a glass bottle and his story has come thus far, to NZ.  Our local networking group on Facebook, 'Napier News' have been asked the question of, 'Would you go back to glass milk bottles'? 

The answers are outstanding and now we want to change it.  Too much of a response to do absolutely nothing.  For any local company who are wanting to put their best foot forward and take over this million dollar idea, then, we have your support.  Not only will we want to buy the milk in glass bottles again but to also hire staff to deliver it, fresh daily on our doorsteps once more.

Facebook- Napier News.

Linda Hogan writes, 'Would help immensely with the recycling - plastic milk bottles dumped are horrendous'.  

Frederick Charles Boyd writes, 'Sure would and the milk tastes better.'

Darryn Hannan writes 'Fonterra needs to lead this initiative if it's to get ground. Fonterra gains billions of dollars net profit from consumer brought milk and a fraction of that would pay to fund it and in the process would give them more profit not having to produce plastic bottles. Fonterra needs to step up to the plate.'

So, help make a stand that our milk is enjoyed by the glass and not in plastic.  Save our planet before it's too late. Are you in?