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On July 19, the Naperville Planning and Zoning Commission approved the Avenida senior housing development. More information about the development can be found at . The development must now be approved by the Naperville City Council.

Please support this petition to the Naperville City Council. Naperville needs more senior housing. Naperville has a growing senior population. Currently the city has 15,000 residents aged 65 or older, and this is expected to grow to 20,000 residents in the next 5 years. Many of these residents are looking to downsize from the homes where they raised their families and move into something smaller, more affordable and better suited for their needs as they age. At the same time, they want to be close to friends and family and to the all the services and amenities that downtown Naperville offers.

Many of these seniors have moderate incomes, and their dilemma is they have too much money to qualify for government subsidized housing at places like Martin Avenue Apartments, but they can’t afford the high end independent living offered at places like Monarch Landing. Avenida fills that void for these middle-income seniors.

Another challenge that seniors, especially those that live alone, face is isolation. Being tucked away in an “old folks home” somewhere on the outskirts of town is damaging to both their emotional and their physical health. This is what makes Avenida so appealing. It is close to all of the downtown services and amenities, close to groceries and pharmacies on Ogden Avenue, and just a short ride to a variety of medical facilities. Avenida’s residents would be a part of the downtown community, not set apart from it.

Avenida is important for Naperville’s senior population. Let the City Council know that you support it.