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Require Apartment Developer to Follow Naperville Code (NEW July 28, 2017)

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Require Apartment Developer to Follow Naperville Density and Parking Codes (NEW July 28, 2017)

Avenida is requesting to build a 146-unit "age-restricted" apartment complex across from Nike Park on Mill Street in northern Naperville, Illinois. Avenida has stated it intends to restrict residents to age 55+. Avenida's proposal does not comply with Naperville's density or parking codes, as explained below. Please sign this petition if you think City Council should require Avenida to comply with Naperville's density and parking codes in order to build an apartment complex in Naperville.

Note: An earlier resident petition on this issue was recently presented to the Naperville Planning and Zoning Commission. Unfortunately, some of the commissioners stated that, for various reasons, they ignored the resident petition while voting in support of Avenida's proposal. This revised petition aims to address specific concerns of those commissioners as well as new comments raised by City Council. As long as you make your opinions here public, include your full name, and list your Naperville address, we expect that City Council will consider them.

Avenida's Proposal:

Avenida's planned site is in the vacant land shown here, along Mill Street, between Diehl Road and Bauer Road, and across the street from the Nike Park entrance. 

Avenida admits, "The Property is currently zoned R3 Single Family Residence District in DuPage County, Illinois and is vacant and unimproved." (Avenida's 6/14/2017 Amended Petition, p. 2.)

Avenida has requested to rezone this vacant land to "OCI (Office, Commercial and Institutional District)."  (Id.)

Naperville code (Section 6-7F-5) would allow up to as many as 110 units based on the size of the lot at issue (6.6 acres), but only if this land is rezoned from the above R3 Single Family Residence to OCI. Avenida requests not only OCI rezoning, but also to build 146 apartment units, 33% more than allowed under the above Naperville code.

Naperville code (Section 6-9-3:1) would require 329 parking spaces for Avenida's requested 146 apartment units. Avenida's proposal includes approximately 200 parking spaces that are to be constructed, with land reserved for possible future construction of 26 more parking spaces for a potential total of approximately 226 parking spaces (numbers are approximate because Avenida reported numbers for both constructed and "land-banked" spaces on a total per-apartment-unit basis of 1.55/unit).

Petition to Protect Naperville:

If you believe Avenida should be required to comply with Naperville density and parking codes in order to build its apartment complex in Naperville, please sign this petition. Please make your comments public, include your full name, and list your Naperville address to help ensure that City Council will consider them.

Thank you for your time and concern about Naperville! 

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