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Naperville Animal Control: Have Cindy Bickel resign from head of the department

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Please help a difference. Please sign the petition below and help make a difference! You will also be helping fighting against Pit Bull discrimination.  Please include when you sign if you are a animal owner yourself.

Please help us fight regarding the corrupt Naperville Animal Control system that we have here in our city. Including myself and others we have experienced  complaints regarding our dogs running out for a second with no leash or accused of our dog attacking another dog with no evidence what so ever besides someone else's word of mouth as well as getting citations, court hearings and even court trials with no evidence.

My dogs have recently been accused of attacking another dog that only had a cut to its leg saying that my 2 vicious pit bull dogs attacked their rat terrier dog. Neither of my dogs are pit bulls and at the time my one dog was 6 mos old and the other one just turned 1 years old. I think if 2 vicious pit bulls attacked a dog that weighed under 10 pounds there would be more than 1 little cut to this dogs leg. Well of course the Naperville Animal control never came out to talk to us or came out at all when the incident occured  and now we have gone to court three times already and now are having a court trial regarding this.  This incident happened on Fathers Day in June and it has taken Cindy Bickel 6 months to come up with evidence you would have thought after the last 2 court dates and our lawyer asking for it several times he would have gotten the evidence and the report several months ago.


With no evidence what so ever the Naperville Animal Control is doing whatever they can with fining us for any little thing they can to try and win their case. The same woman Cindy Bickel who stated she came out and took the report with the description of my dogs, which isnt even what my dogs look like. She also  made a report previously for a barking complaint which was in March where we got citation for our dog barking at someone on own property which is a joke.  Her report of the description of our dog isnt even what our dog looks like again and is not even the same description as the last report in June of what are dog look like. This is a joke.In the first description in march for her barking Cindt Bickel stated our dog is tan.  In the second incident in June cindy Bickel stated that both of our dogs are white.  My dog is neither of those colors she is Brown and Black with white feet.  Now how could this be my dog from both incidents?  I asked Cindy Bickel this and she stated she did not know.  Now how does she not know, if she stated she came out and made a report. Obviouslly she never did and is not doing her job. 


Our names our not even correct in the citations as well. But still our case is going to a trial. We are not the only people that have experienced this with this woman in Naperville. Many people who are dog owners where this woman thinks you own a pit bull or she has heard from someone else regarding a incided she does whatever she can to fine you or give you a citation without ever coming out to investigate or even talk to you. Talking to this women is a waste of time as well since she never lets you get in a word.  She is very argumentative and never wants to hear the accused story.  Its amazing in the report she made back in June it states everything the plaintiff said but there was nothing of what the defendants side had to say in the report.


I have my dogs registered at a dog park and they go twice a week and there has never been an incident there. Also my one dog who just turned 1 years old and is sick all the time also being a hemopheliac where I am more concerned if another dog bites him and he bleeds to death he has been named a vicious animal.

Puppies at 6 mos old several months ago are being accused of chasing a man into his house and him fearing for his life and another family stating puppies attacked their dog and only came out of the supposive fight with one laceration to the leg are having to go to trial for false accusations and no investigation ever being taken . I feel this is total discrimination and have many people ready to take action against this Woman Cindy Bickel to resign from the Naperville Animal Control for not doing her job. Please help us with this situation.


Thank You.

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