Keep Close Proximity Microwave Radiating Antennas out of Residential Areas in Napa!

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At the October 15th Napa City Council meeting, Council members discussed an agreement with Verizon to install 32 "pilot" Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antennas (CPMRA) near homes, schools, and businesses throughout Napa.

Council member Doris Gentry was against all of them, and Council member Liz Alessio, wanted the number reduced, especially taking the ones near schools off the list.

Vice Mayor Scott Sedgley wanted a stronger indemnity clause for the City but otherwise expressed support for the agreement along with Mayor Jill Techel and Council member Mary Luros.  Unless we can change one of their minds, those three will vote for a slightly modified agreement at the November 5th City Council meeting.

These antennas only have good reception within 500 feet, so the ultimate plan is one every 500 feet. Because the City cannot discriminate among providers, if the City allows Verizon to install them, they will have to allow other service providers to do the same. The result will be an enormous increase in our residents' exposure to wireless radiation, which hundreds of scientific studies have linked to serious negative health effects. This is the wrong path for our town to go down.

FCC rules passed in 2018 virtually took away cities' ability to regulate CPMRAs at the federal level.  However, an unanimous 2019 California Supreme Court ruling stated that while cities cannot ban them outright, they can regulate their location, so they do not "incommode [or disturb] the public use of the road," for example if they "generate noise, cause negative health consequences, or create safety concerns," wrote Justice Corrigan who authored the opinion.

We need our local representatives to stand up for our community, and at the very least say "NO" to the 16 proposed sites that are in residential and mixed use areas to protect us in our schools and in our homes. That would leave 16 in commercial and industrial areas, which are more than enough for a "pilot."

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