Charlottes Law - Deny parole to murderers who conceal victim's body

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On 31st October 2012, our daughter/sister Charlotte Murray disappeared. Her ex-partner, John Miller, deliberately lied and misled the family regarding her whereabouts. He continued to lie in the subsequent police investigation in an attempt to cover his actions. He fabricated a story that she had moved away to start a new life. 

We now know Miller was controlling Charlotte, he isolated her from her family and friends. Charlotte was making arrangements to escape from him. Instead, he murdered her and disposed of her body. Her body has never been recovered, despite extensive searches.

On 8th October 2019, Miller was unanimously convicted in Dungannon Crown Court of her murder. He will be sentenced on 10th February 2020. The judge will determine how long he must serve in prison before being eligible for parole. 

"Helen's Law" has been introduced in England and Wales which prevents murderers who conceal their victim's bodies, from being eligible for parole. We are calling for this law - Charlotte's Law - to be introduced in Northern Ireland. 

John Miller has taken Charlotte from us. He has denied us the right to give her a decent burial. He does not deserve the right to parole while our suffering continues every single day, not knowing what he has done to her or where she is. We need to know where she is so we can lay her to rest.

We ask you to please sign this petition to have the law introduced. We have called on the assistance of the Justice Minister, First and Deputy First Ministers and await their response.

Thank you.