Justice for Raed

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On Aug 9th 2015 our beloved Raed was found dead in his apartment. No one had heard from him since the evening of Aug 6th 2015. Raed was in great health and was loved by everyone that knew him. The medical examiner of San Francisco told Raeds mother that he simply rolled off his bed and died. We begged the Medical Examiners office of San Francisco and the San Francisco PD (homicide division ) to investigate his death. They would not, they told his family to move on. We have strong reason to believe that Raeds death was not an accident. We are asking you to sign this Petition so the Medical examiners of San Francisco and the San Francisco PD (homicide division) will reopen this case and look at all the evidence we have tried to present to them. Raed deserves justice. Please help us find the truth of what really happened to our Dear Raed.