Change to Online Lesson (Home-Based Learning) for students' safety

Change to Online Lesson (Home-Based Learning) for students' safety

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Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

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Started by Brenda .

It's really not safe to go back to school for physical lessons due to the following reasons:

1. There's new COVID-19 clusters at Boon Lay bus interchange which is a common transit station for most students to get to school on a daily basis. 179 and 199  are buses that students take to enter and leave NTU. 

2. Campus riders are always overcrowded and everyone in the bus is squeezing shoulder to shoulder. Students from different faculty comes into very close contact with one another and even non-NTU students can take the bus which increases the risk of COVID spreading.

3. Food places such as Fine Foods (Southspine) and Koufu (Northspine) are crowded during lunch and dinner time. This is not very safe as of this moment as everyone takes off their masks when consuming food. 

4. Although there's safe distancing in classes, some profs allow intermingling. Even if the prof don't allow intermingling, we can't even see each other's faces in school and this reduces the effectiveness of in-class activities and seminar question discussion. 

It will be too late to stop the spread if any of the students have COVID-19 and roamed around the school. The COVID-19 multiplier effect will kick-in and everyone including the student, professors, store owners and cleaners (aunties & uncles) will have increased risk of getting COVID-19. 

Both NUS and SMU have revert back to HBL for students' safety so why can't NTU do the same?

1,406 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!