Nuneaton wants a Nandos

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Nuneaton is Warwickshire's largest town, which is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.  Evening entertainment and eateries are needed in the town to draw people to the centre and create a place to go, relax and enjoy yourself in the evenings as well as throughout the day.

As a town we often look at the negatives and say it's not as good as it used to be and that is true, however with enough people behind a campaign to open new places, the businesses will start to take notice.  

How many of you travel out of Nuneaton to find somewhere to eat on an evening?  How many of you would use an evening eatery if they are there was one open?  

Not everyone will want the same place and therefore watch out for further petitions.  These will be going to the businesses direct to show how much they are wanted here.  So if you want to make a difference to YOUR town vote NOW.