A small contribution in getting justice for an 8 year old, Asifa.

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As we all know about the disheartening and unfortunate happening in our country, i.e The Asifa Rape and Murder Case. This might be just a disturbing sentence for some, but it’s a suffering and the intensity of pain it involves can’t ever be imagined by us. 

We cannot really rewind the time nor can we repair the loss, but the least we can do is share this with as many people as we can. 

I wonder that how such bastards, ( I ain’t sorry for my language) could even think of committing such a crime? Why weren’t they afraid of the consequences it might lead to? How could they be so inhuman? What was Asifa’s fault? My heart cries even when I think of it for a second, then what must have had happened with that innocent girl who barely knew the intentions of the monsters she was surrounded by. I am all shivered just by putting myself in Asifa’s place in that horrifying situation and I cannot even imagine what the innocent child must have had gone through? She would have cried her soul out. 

So through a social media handle of mine called Instagram, I got to know about creating your own petition which your friends and colleagues could sign and spread more awareness about this act so that some justice could be done to the little angel, Asifa. 

Lets come together and raise our voice for a cause that matters. Lets utilise our time and resources that we are blessed with and create some awareness which might contribute in doing justice with Asifa.

Thank You,