Stop the Use of Harmful Pesticides

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Dear Senator Skinner,

The use of the harmful pesticide, Methyl Iodide, needs to be banned in california by introducing a new law that prohibits it because it as adverse health effects and it poisons the farm workers that come in contact with or use Methyl Iodide. Methyl Iodide is a strawberry pesticide that has been approved for use by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Despite this, research about Methyl Iodide has shown that it is extremely harmful to however is subjected to prolonged exposure to it. According to an article by the CDC, “When one is exposed to Methyl Iodide, they can develop skin and eye irritation, indigestion, and even cancer in extreme cases.

An article by Mother Jones stated, “In Kern County, 92 farm workers fell victim to pesticide poisoning in 2017”. Farmers fall victim to pesticide poisoning often because they are the ones who have to come in contact with the pesticide and can be easily exploited by growers because a large percentage of them do not speak english. The workers also usually don't have very many opportunities for work, therefore forcing them to stay and work in the harmful conditions.

Banning Methyl Iodide would impact the farmers lives exponentially. Their health and quality of life would improve if the air was devoid of Methyl Iodide. Health complication in farmers would dramaticallyd drop it the pesticide was put out of use. Lives and happiness can be saved when Methyl Iodide is no longer being applied to crops or dumped out of airplanes on to innocent and unsuspecting farmers. If you want to improve the health of thousands of California farm workers, take this petition into consideration and create a law that bans Methyl Iodides use in California.