We Need A Federal Mask Mandate: #AmericaMaskUp

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Dear Members of Congress:

Our nation has failed to control the coronavirus pandemic on multiple fronts. Many states are facing increasing cases, hospitalizations, and ultimately deaths. The politicization of wearing a mask to prevent the spread of this contagious virus has resulted in polarizing and dangerous rhetoric across the nation. 

Masking is not a political issue but a public health one. Universal masking is effective at curbing the spread of COVID-19. It is imperative our nation implement a NATIONAL MANDATE to wear a mask or face covering in public, especially in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained. The current national guidelines for Opening Up America Again do not require masks or face coverings, leaving the issue to individual states. Unfortunately, state leaders have been inconsistent in advising or enforcing masking, contributing to increased community spread.  

We, the undersigned, as health professionals and concerned Americans, implore you to urgently implement a national mandate for masking to halt the spread of COVID-19.   We are a united states, and the decisions made in one state impact many. A national mandate for universal masking will save lives, revitalize our economy, allow our children to return to school, and unite the country against our common enemy, COVID-19. 

On Behalf of the Illinois Medical Professionals Action Collaborative  (IMPACT):
Shikha Jain MD FACP, Eve Bloomgarden MD, Ali Khan MD MPP FACP, Laura Zimmermann MD MS FACP, Amisha Wallia MD MS, Garth Walker MD, Seth Trueger MD, Maylyn Martinez MD, Emily Landon MD, Vineet Arora MD MAPP

On Behalf of GetMePPEChi: Tricia Pendergrast

On Behalf of Masks Now Illinois: Emma Davenport

On Behalf of Lindsey Leininger PhD MA, Nerdy Girl in Chief at Dear Pandemic

On Behalf of NeedMasksToday: Katherine Kennedy MD, Abhirami Janani Raveendran MD M.Ed.

On Behalf of GetUsPPE: Megan Ranney MD MPH

On Behalf of Helen Burstin MD MPH, CEO Council of Medical Specialty Societies