We Need A Federal Mask Mandate: #AmericaMaskUp

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Momentum on Universal Masking and July 4th!

Dear Supporter,

Thank you for signing the petition to support a federal mandate on universal masking.  We are gaining momentum so wanted to share some important updates with you:

1) The Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS), which represents 800K doctors, has come out in support of a universal masking mandate in a statement here. Special thanks to Dr. Helen Burstin, their CEO, who is a co-sponsor of our petition.

2) GetUsPPE has joined as an official partner thanks to their expert leadership of Dr. Megan Ranney.  They join our existing partners Need Masks Today, GetMePPEChi, MasksNowIL.  

3) IMPACT's Dr. Shikha Jain was on Fox Chicago this week highlighting that masks are not and should not be a divisive issue and also advocating for universal masking.

Lastly, we have made contact with policymakers who have expressed interest given the timing and importance of the issue.  The fact that the Texas Governor called for universal masking has been seen as a major turning point.  

To show policymakers we have more widespread support, what we need most right now are more signatures and endorsements. Can you share this with your friends, family and networks to help us?  

Wherever you are, stay safe and we wish you a happy July 4th!

-IMPACT Team (impact4hc@gmail.com)


12 months ago