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Support Bernie and Elect Keith Ellison the new head of the DNC!

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To the leaders of the Democratic Party,

The Democratic Party has failed America "Bigly".

The DNC acted outrageously and undemocratically in attempting to stack the deck against Bernie Sanders during the primaries.

Americans had a once in a lifetime chance for a sea chance, and a rare hope to reverse the dark, dystopian direction our nation has taken since the Cold War.

We lost the chance to elect a man who could have possibly turned out to be the most honest, and decent President of all time.

Instead, we're left with a cloud of fear, divisiveness, and uncertainty and the most dishonest, and least decent President-Elect of all time.  

It's miracle in this age of political, moral, and ethical decay, that someone as clean and altruistically motivated as Bernie Sanders, was able to get as close as he was.

Given that special interests and Wall Street money had long since eroded the moral high ground on which Democrats used to stand, it sadly wasn't surprising when the DNC played dirty politics to pave the way for their establishment pick.  

And now we have this to look forward to:

President Trump, Republicans in control of all 3 branches of government, and AG Rudy Giuliana.

I supported Sanders in the primaries, and I was disgusted, and felt disenfranchised by what the DNC did.  Nevertheless, I did the right thing.  I swallowed my pride, and supported Clinton, and tried my best to help defeat Trump. Now it's time for the Leaders of the Democratic Party to do the right thing.

I know that the leaders of the DNC can't turn back time and stop Trump, but what they can do is listen.  

Bernie's Millennials are the future of this party, and our leaders take us for granted at their own peril.

Millennials are the largest block of the electorate, and we were ignored and marginalized both in the primaries and the general election.

We believe in Bernie Sanders and we trust his vision for the party and the country.

Please support Bernie Sanders and help elect Keith Ellison to the head of the DNC.  

If the DNC continues to dismiss Millennials and exclude us from the conversation then let me put them on notice:

Contrary to popular belief, Millennials do vote.  We voted for Sanders, and we're coming for you in the primaries.







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