Protecting Our Right to Vote By Mail

Protecting Our Right to Vote By Mail

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Casey-Lee Flood started this petition to Representative Nancy Pelosi and

As Americans are rightfully focused on the Global Pandemic and the direct effect it is having on our lives the Trump administration is actively trying to defund and discredit the United States Postal Service. In June 2020 Louis DeJoy became the Postmaster
General. It is well known that DeJoy is a supporter and longtime ally of President Trump.In 2017 DeJoy had a fundraising event for the RNC and Trump at his home, whichTrump attended.

This is concerning because since June 15, 2020 the USPS, newly under the direction of DeJoy, instituted massive cutbacks on employees and overtime which are necessary to get the mail delivered on time. Having the proper resources available at the USPS is critical in getting our votes delivered on time! Donald Trump has openly and repeatedly tried to discredit our Post Office and our mail in voting system. He has openly said he might not honor who we elect as president if he does not feel it was handled properly. This is a direct threat to our democracy and our right to elect our officials through voting.

Voting by mail is not new at all. In fact, in the 2016 election 1/4 of all ballots cast were via mail in ballots. This equals 33 million mail in ballots that were counted and processed in the election that President Trump won. Trump had no issue with the system then. Now suddenly the post office and our long standing right to vote by mail is corrupt and shouldn’t be utilized? I do not think that our long-standing process is the corrupt thing here. Mail in ballots also ensure that those citizens who are unable to leave their homes still have the ability to vote. This is an important system for Americans with physical disabilities or other barriers to voting and also for those who live in rural areas who may not have a polling place close by.

I created this ballot because I wanted to let The President, my State Governor and our Senate Chair know that as citizens we feel our right to vote is being threatened. That our democratic process is being threatened. That we need to reverse these budget cuts that DeJoy instituted and allow the United States Postal Service to function at its full capacity, so that all of our votes are counted and counted properly. In a time of crisis our voices need to be heard, our votes need to be counted and the elected official of our choice needs to be put in office.

By signing my petition, you are signing that you want the following:

1. Reversal of budget cuts that have been made to the United States Postal Service and for the US government to provide the necessary financial and physical support for the post office to handle our voting ballots.

2. You want to retain the right to vote by mail in ballot.

3. You want our government to uphold our right to vote by mail and to not allow one person, regardless of whether he is the acting president, to determine single-handedly if the results of the 2020 election are accurate.

Thank you for your time and your signature.

Sincerely, a concerned citizen,
Casey-Lee Flood, RN



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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!