Nancy Pelosi, bring Jobs back to America & Build the Wall so Minority Programs are funded.

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The United States of America lost millions of jobs when politicians decided to place a higher value on Product liability than people's lives. Manufacturing left the United States in droves so companies could avoid product liability lawsuits that resulted in astronomical settlements. Meanwhile, the average value of a human life in the United States is 250,000 dollars in many States, and a lot less the older a person is.

Our Medicare system has dishonored Seniors and Veterans for far too long.  Many States will reallocate their own State funds to Undocumented Migration over Seniors and Veterans. When does this end? Where does this end? Many Seniors and Veterans today were themselves immigrants 60 years ago but back then they received ZERO Instant Entitlement when they first arrived in the U.S..  

Instant Entitlements for all newly arriving encourage more illegal and unplanned arrivals.

Nowadays Instant Entitlements for the Undocumented mean Immigrants from 60 years who never got Instant Entitlements back then, are now being shortchanged in their retirement years! Newly Arriving Instant Entitlements should NEVER take precedence over Earned Entitlements that can take decades to earn.

Now Nancy Pelosi wants to lure anyone she can to the Democrat party by using victimhood labels while taking no responsibility for the loss of manufacturing jobs and the flood of immigration that continues to place a financial burden on taxpayer revenue, minorities already in the U.S., and our Seniors and Veterans.

If you agree please sign and share this petition. Seniors and Veterans will be grateful and minorities already in the U.S. may become surprised at how generous the U.S. can be when the U.S. has more of their own manufacturing base and job opportunities that create more opportunities for all who presently reside in the United States.