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Maternity Leave Equal leave for equal parents for maternity leave

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In the U.S women would get 6-8 weeks while men only get two weeks during the postpartum period after a baby is born. While in Canada the parents would get one year and getting paid. In Japan, the parents get six months also getting paid during the postpartum period.  This shows that it’s a discrimination how a women would have  a risk on getting a position at a job of how women wouldn’t get hired at a job. People should definitely care about this topic because in the U.S  is really unfair how the parents wouldn’t get a good certain of time after postpartum period and knowing that their job, they don’t get paid them during their maternity leave. It's something that  parents worry the most that they need money for their needs.

Nancy Pelosi is the person who will be able to help us improve on California’s maternity leave . Instead of the mother getting a 6 -8 weeks off and the father of the child getting two weeks off, only getting paid a certain percentage for that time off . We demand a longer leave for both mother and father. Giving both parent the possibility to spend time with the baby. Nancy Pelosi is able to spread the word about how parents need that personal time with their newborn babies and should be able to do so. However, still be getting income through the door as they are not working for that period of time.

Some employers would say that parents would take advantage of maternity leave. In fact, the parents want to bond more with baby and when they come back to work they will be  happy employees. 

You can trust the words we wrote in this petition because we are a group of women and men . We have a say for both genders.  We all have been apart of children birth because we all have brothers and sisters. We seen how our family has been through all this.

In our petition we believe that men and women need to have longer and equal maternity leave. Both parents need to be in a child’s life for the first 12 or 18 months. When we take a look at other places we can see that they get equal time and longer time. Canada alone has two options, the option to get 12 months or 18.



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