Legislation to Regulate Police Education and Conduct (structural accountability)

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John Silvestri
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A new professional licensing law that requires education and enforces discipline will benefit our community.

This is a call upon our state legislators and state senators to establish a state professional licensing board for police officers.  We have state, municipal, public school, university, port authority, and perhaps other types of police.  All police officers are supposed to be professionals, so they should be professionally licensed.  All licensed professionals are required to take continuing education, with a curriculum relevant to current concerns, and all licensed professionals are subject to discipline upon a complaint to the state government.

This is also a call upon Pelosi and McConnell to enact federal legislation.  At the federal level, after the 1983 S&L Bank crash, Congress passed legislation to withhold funding from any state that did not establish a state professional licensing board for real estate appraisers.  Now all states have professionally licensed appraisers.  So, if our federal elected officials hear from us that police treatment must no longer be racially biased, just as they heard from moneyed interests in 1983, then they will pass legislation to withhold funding from any state not establishing a state professional licensing board for police officers.

A police officer licensing law should require education and training on:


CONTROLLING A PERSON FOR ARREST WITHOUT CAUSING INJURY OR HARM (banning choke holds and similar de facto killing procedures)


The current Pennsylvania police officer certification, education, and training legislation, 53 Pa.C.S.A. §2161, et seq., is deficient in such training.

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And call, write, email, visit their local office.  Black Lives Matter!