Impeach Nancy Pelosi for Obstruction of Congress

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Nancy Pelosi has started and carried on this partisan witch-hunt impeachment after she promised that she wouldn’t support impeachment unless it received bipartisan support. Guess what? It didn’t. Not a single republican voted to impeach, while a few democrats actually voted against it. She is a liar and a crook. She has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars against many of their wills. This entire impeachment process has been because of one reason: the left’s radical hate of President Donald Trump. Now that she got what she wanted, she is too afraid to send the articles to the Senate! That’s called Obstruction of Congress. She is preventing the Senate from doing their job and carrying on their trial, but you won’t hear anything about that because that’s not what the media wants you to hear. “Crooked Nancy” and the rest of her squad have gotten away with this sort of mess for far too long, and it’s time to do something about it. After the sham impeachment finally ended, she continued with her blatantly ignorant moves, including urging citizens to go to Chinatown right before the Coronavirus disrupted the lives of every American, gave millions of taxpayer dollars to illegal aliens, and tries to turn the American people against President Trump in every way possible. To those who already have thank you so much, and for those who haven’t, please join me in signing this petition and let’s get rid of Crooked Nancy once and for all.