Extend 2020 USA green card lottery winner's deadline

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unfortunately one more time, instant decisions of president Trump without consulting from eminent experts or miscounseling of them caused to make the situation of the world's emigrants to the USA worse than before. This time thanks to COVID 19 he has set and enforced some more prohibition for the entrance of legal emigrants based on declaring the petition number 9994 dated March 13, 2020, which caused to suspend the allowance of a lot of legal American visas. Although this notice is temporary, some visas such as DV have got deadlines and their case at the end of each September will close and it would be great discrimination on lottery winners. The minimum expectations before enforcing this order were to make some decisions on abolishing or postponing this order to keep the rights of these individuals. we the signers of this petition by respecting all practices done such as health, safety, and economy on fighting COVID 19 announce our objection and our concerns to the ignorance of the right of all emigrants of this great country and we would like to see some alterations to this order or make some decisions based on keeping the right of these people who want to emigrate for various reasons to this great country. By considering the unusual and emergency situation caused by COVID-19 around the world, and the closure of American embassies during the last few months and not analyzing the cases the same as past, we are asking all authorities and officials to consider the situation and make some immediate decisions to cancel the deadlines for lottery winners in 2020. And based on these alterations these respectful people would be able to have the chance to go to the embassies to be interviewed and get their visas. we appreciate those people who are worried about the rights of human beings regardless of any gender and religion and sign this letter.