Give All Patients an Equal Chance to Live: Diversify National Stem Cell Donor Registry

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Mary Louis
4 weeks ago
Love is the answer, save the horses !!!

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Richard Chen
Jul 31, 2020
Saving lives, literally.

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Kara Rowe
Jul 25, 2020
I am signing this much needed petition b/c every single child must have access to this life saving/extending medical procedure ASAP!! My boyfriend had a stem cell transplant last (autologous), early last fall and now he is in complete remission!! The science is flourishing and every single child, no matter their parent's income or health insurance, MUST have a right to the procedure that could very well save and/or greatly extend their lives!

Please, tell your family and friends about this petition and ask them to sign right away.

The transplant will extend the patient's life long enough for them to receive a cure that is quite possibly just a few short years away (from what I have read)!!

Thank you!! God bless!!

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Lydia Samson
Jul 24, 2020
Black lives matter

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Sam Micalizzi
Jul 22, 2020
It can save lives.

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Brenda Arceneaux
Jul 20, 2020
I’m signing because my wife has been fighting Follicular Lymphoma for 8 years.

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Nakai Moore
Jul 19, 2020
No matter what race you are everyone deserves an equal chance to live. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!! no matter what race a person is, we all deserve an equal chance to live. Treat everyone’s life the same because the only difference separating is is our skin tones. We know it’s NOT A COINCIDENCE that patients of color are being treated lastly or unfairly. This needs more attention because ethos MUST CHANGE!!

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Cynthia Cura
Jul 11, 2020
My husband didn't find a matching donor

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Emma B.
Jul 9, 2020
We demand equality!

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Elizabeth (“Betsy”) Mullen
Jul 3, 2020
I spent my career in the field of breast cancer and my life was torn apart by having the disease. We still hope and pray for a definitive treatment that will cure the disease.

With blood cancers like leukemia and other life-threatening blood diseases like sickle cell anemia we have the cure.

Stem cell transplants and bone marrow transplants can cure these diseases. We must finally end the racial disparities in our national stem cell/bone marrow donor registry.

Only 23% of black Americans needing a transplant find a life-saving donor match; 77% tragically, needlessly, die waiting for a donor whose stem cells could have been the cure.

Every child deserves the chance to grow up & realize his or her full potential.

Please help give every child fighting a blood cancer or other life-threatening blood disease that opportunity.

This petition outlines cost-effective ways in which we can finally diversify the national stem cell/bone marrow donor registry and cord blood registries in the U.S. and registries worldwide.

If you have not yet done so, please sign our petition, share this post widely and encourage others to do the same.

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