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Abolish the sale of assault rifles

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This IS the time and place.  My name is Parker and I am 17 years old.  My brother, Carson (15 yrs) and I want to speak out, and hope that we are heard.  We hope that people hear us, and support us with this petition.  We hope that it will end up on President Trump's desk.  We hope and pray that he will listen and that he will pass a law.  PASS A LAW TO BAN THE SALE OF ASSAULT RIFLES.  CLEAR AND SIMPLE.  These are the words that we want President Trump to hear.  Do not complicate matters by talking about better mental health care.  That will take years.  Pass a law.  Save lives.  If you make a choice not to pass a law, you are knowingly allowing shooters to kill in mass numbers.  You are willingly, and knowingly, not saving lives.  If you outlaw assault rifles, and a school shooting still takes place where lives are lost, as least you can say you tried, you did SOMETHING.  Mass shootings caused by assault rifles have become commonplace.  Do something about it.  Pass a law.  Period.  It's very simple, and politicians make it unnecessarily complicated.  Just pass a law.  Stop talking about it.  TAKE ACTION.  Assault rifles are not appropriate for hunting, nor necessary to protect one's family and property.  When writing the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution, our Founding Fathers did not foresee children being killed in their schools as a result of "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms".  We all know, they wouldn't want this - this tragedy.

Carson and I attend San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara, CA.  

Today, my teacher told us that she was now going to lock the door at all times because she didn't think there would be enough time to run up to the shooter to stop him in time. We would already be dead. WE WOULD ALREADY BE DEAD. Gone. Forever. Everyday, I walk onto my school campus praying that I will come home safe at the end of the day. Praying that I will live long enough to get married, have children, and die happy and healthy. A hole is dug and scraped out of my stomach when I see "School Shooting" on the TV as I'm eating breakfast. Feeding my mind with tragedy and thinking of all those kids who will never get married, who will never have kids, who will never die happy and healthy. Because they're already dead. I want to scream. I want to scream until my lungs give out and my fingers tremble. I want to scream every second of every day until something is done. I am begging you. PLEASE TAKE ACTION.

We are speaking up so that we can feel safe, our friends can feel safe, and our little brother, Robby (11 yrs) and our little sister, Maddie (9 yrs) can feel safe.  Plain and simple - PASS A LAW.  SAVE THE LIVES OF THE CHILDREN THAT WILL BE KILLED IN THE FUTURE.  YOU HAVE THE POWER.  We wish we did.

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