Stop Out-of-School Suspension of Preschool through 3rd grade

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Preschool through third grade is formative years and the social, educational foundation for a child's future academic success. The school-to-prison pipeline is based on the reading levels of students in the 4th grade. When we suspend students in preschool to 3rd grade we set up a situation where students are more likely to fall behind. Dayton Public school has unacceptably high suspension rates. In 2012, they had 3.3 suspensions for every 100 children in preschool, 13.5 suspensions for every 100 children in kindergarten, 19.4 for 1st grade, 26.4 for 2nd grade and 32.3 for 3rd. Grade.

These extraordinarily high suspension rates are probably a factor in Dayton Public Schools performance on the Third Grading Reading Guarantee, 47% of the Third Graders had "limited reading."

Furthermore, there is a significant racial disparity in the suspension rates in Dayton Public Schools, with black children being twice as likely to be suspended as white children. If you think this is because black children behaves worse, think again. The research shows that the difference inout-of-school discipline is not due to black children being worst behaved but being more harshly disciplined for the same behavior. For instance, in 2012 only black children in prek-third grade were suspended for fighting and harassment/intimindation.

Dayton Public school should take a human rights approach to discipline which focuses on principle conflict resolution, preventive intervention, restorative justice, positive behavior intervention, culturally relevant and responsive teaching and bias-free discipline These approaches have been shown to improve the classroom environment and promote student learning.

Whatever, approach Dayton Public Schools decides to take, Please help us by sending a message that Out-of-school suspension for our youngest children is unacceptable.

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