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It's been a very difficult couple of years in Mexico, more accurately, decades and Peña Nieto has done nothing to save or help the country as your cover suggets. Peña Nieto’s physical presence continues to dominate magazine covers and plague our cities with his infinite propaganda that costs billions of pesos to generate. The gap between rich and poor is not getting any smaller since the last reform raised taxes but did not raise the minimum salary which is not even applied by some companies. The reforms he is applying have been hurting the citizens economy in such a way that the middle class is in danger of extinction. The reforms are only “aiding” a seldom few, putting businesses out of service and jeopardizing the majorities income and growth. 

The vehicle through which president Peña Nieto got elected was considerably corrupt from its beginnings, the whole electoral process was designed as a TV-drama, it was founded on lies since he said taxes would not be raised. More over, he is not a peace keeper or savior. During his first year within presidency, the number of drug related deaths sky-rocketed out of control. There is an all out civil war in Michoacán that began over a year ago. Peña Nieto sent in the military last month, a year over due. And to make matters worse, the military have shot and killed civilians.

It's hard to believe that Time Magazine would take the president's word considering how his social politics have put innocent protesters in jail, ignored countless narco-related deaths all while shoving millions of pesos of propaganda down the citizen's throat in order to speed up his reforms. It’s even harder to believe that you flat-out ignored the current social situation of Mexico.

The country is not being saved, far from it. The economic affairs of the country have always been favorable, but it has never been reflected in the quality of life. Having this sort of lie on the cover of an international magazine is disgraceful. We aren't asking them to remove the article, just don't lie on the cover like that. It's a false statement, and it's offensive to Mexicans. It weakens the little power we have as a people to speak for ourselves. Sincerely, A concerned Mexican.

Letter to
Time Magazine Nancy Gibbs
Time Magazine Time Webmaster
This is a Petition to Remove President Peña Nieto From Upcoming Cover or Change Title.

Thousands of Mexican citizens are outraged at the way president Peña Nieto is portrayed in the cover as a 'savior'. The reason is we live this country day to day and it has gotten worse for the most of us since last year when he went into power, that day will be remembered as #1DX in our country since it is when the random protest arrest started. Some of these people are innocent and have not been released.
The Michoacan civil war started more than a year ago now, it took president Peña more than a year to act, and he only did so once it was out in the news. He never mentioned it beforehand. It took him a year to send in the military and two unarmed civilians where shot to death.
The middle class is slowly going extinct, the tax reform changed everything, many people could hardly afford to live before, there is no real minimum wage in México, most businesses abuse workers and don't respect they’re rights.
Socially the country is in terrible shape, and many citizens can't believe how this cover is portraying the man in charge of running it.
Lastly, I would like you to consider one thing. The PRI has broken the trust system between government and citizens before, using a growth technique similar to the one EPN is applying. President Salinas left the country bankrupt once he left office, but during his six years he was internationally praised in a similar fashion. There are no fair elections in México, the ballots get burned or stolen by citizens in hundreds of cities. The current government has been acting like a mafia since before coming to power by doing these kinds of things. A simple Youtube search will grant you the evidence for this.
So please, consider removing the cover or changing the title. As Mexicans it makes us feel like we don't have a voice internationally when a magazine as big as yours prints a statement that can't be seen in day-to-day life. In fact, quite the opposite. These economic triumphs the country is reaching are coming at a cost, the people are being ignored, being shoved aside in times of hunger and violence.

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