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Do Not Dismiss Jackie Munn


Sadly, Mary and Gino have decided to give the public false information. But, here are the facts (these come from the file and witness testimonies).

Mary (the mother) said that Jackie should have been fired. Why did she not feel that way 7 months ago? She was asked back in March if she wanted to file a complaint. She declined and did not formally file any grievances against Jackie or Modesto High School. 

Gino said that he was hurt. He claims that he was given a bloody nose, and that his shoulder was dislocated. What really happened? No injuries were reported or treated. In fact, Gina never went to the doctor. And, other eye witnesses (including a police officer) stated to the board that there was no blood on Gino's face. Photos were taken as evidence, but, they were lost by the district. Why would the district lose such an important piece of evidence? Perhaps beacuse it did not help their case. I am not sure. But, situations like this continually lead me to believe that Jackie did nothing wrong. 



In March there was an incident on the Modesto High Campus with a male student and a female. The male attacked the young lady repeatedly. Two male Campus Supervisors (CS) responded and followed the male student to the front of the campus. Another male CS got involved and the situation got physical. All parties ended up on the ground. The CS team had the student on his stomach restrained. That is when Jackie entered the situation. She stood over the student ensuring that he could not get up and engage anyone else physical. He tried to get up and she pushed him back down- she did not use excessive force, or bring harm to the student. He had no marks or injuries. The student never went to the doctor and his family did not take any action against Jackie or the MHS staff.

An administrator in the Modesto school district opened the investigation after the incident. Her name is Heather Sharp. Jackie called to public attention the fact that administrators were still getting raises while other roles were being reduced. She also spoke to the fact that Campus Supervisors had not been given a raise in over 25 years. Jackie's outspokenness may have placed a target on her back. However, the student and his family did not complain or ask to have Jackie fired. Why would an administrator reopen the case? We have a lot of questions and deserve answers. 

Jackie and other CS had also recently won a case in regards of overtime. They were awarded the OT that they had earned. Also, putting attention on her and her team from administrators and the board.

Why do I want to help Jackie?
She has always put students and it's our time to help her. I, like Jackie graduated from Modesto High. While there I was very active in student leadership (ASB president) as well as sports. I spent a lot of time on campus with Jackie. She listened to students, coached softball, raised money to help MHS families and gave her heart to the community. Jackie has given more to the Modesto community then most. She would never harm a student.

Jackie was fired because she was the voice of a movement. Other CS has been physical with students and never fired. Instead they were transferred to other schools. Why now? Why Jackie? Because she is fighting for fair wages? There is reason to suspect that Jackie was wrongfully terminated.

Our petition was started to raise awareness and to gain support for Jackie. The past and present Panthers of Modesto High know that Jackie is innocent. We want her to be fully reinstated in her role. We want Justice for Jackie!


Do not vote for anyone on the board. They all voted to fire Jackie. It is our time to vote and fire them! The election in on Nov. 5th. If you can vote, VOTE! Tell your friends, families and neighbors! Post on Facebook and let the community know. 

Who is on the board? And how can you reach out to them?

VOTE FOR David Allan, Brett McBay and Michael Scheid.

DO NOT vote for Cindy Marks, Ruben Villalobos, and Sue Zwahlen.


 Justice for Jackie!!! 

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