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Keep the gates for the College of Arts and Architecture at Montana State University

According to the Dean of the School of Arts and Architecture at Montana State University, Nancy C. Cornwell,there have been decussions to change the gate system in the college of Arts and Architecture. No final decision has yet been made.  The gates are put into place in the school of arts and architecture and let in a certain amount of students to the upper division classes based on GPA and portfolio.  They were established for the reason of creating competitiveness that we will face in the real world and to make sure students are committed to their programs. It also makes sure every student has access to equipment, materials, and working space. By getting rid of the gate, it jeopardizes the credibility of our school and our degrees. We are trying to get a petition together to present to the Dean to stop this from happening.

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  • Nancy C. Cornwell

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