Stop a 10-50 year gravel pit on Nanaimo River/ Boulder Creek in Nanaimo

Stop a 10-50 year gravel pit on Nanaimo River/ Boulder Creek in Nanaimo

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Prevent Resource Mining at Boulder Creek Mine located on Nanaimo River & Boulder Creek. 

The community of South Nanaimo needs your support, please sign and share this if you oppose a 10-50 year gravel pit mine to be built on Nanaimo River and Boulder Creek in South Nanaimo. Nanaimo River and our community that surrounds Nanaimo River are more important than a gravel pit.

The use of residential rural and recreational property should not be allowed to be a gravel pit by Lafarge Canada on Nanaimo River and Boulder Creek.  Permits for mining operations that propose locating in residential areas should be denied and/or zoning for such operations overturned if the proposed mining operation is in a residential neighborhood. Bottom line gravel pits should not be located in residential communities. The potential for harm to residential health, degradation of environmentally sensitive areas, and the loss of quality of life for short term large corporate profit is not worth it to the community of Nanaimo.

The Regional District of Nanaimo had zoned the property at 1975 Nanaimo River Rd. resource extraction over 30 years ago when the area had 8 homes. At the time this area was very rural and a gravel pit would have made sense at that time. However, Nanaimo has grown and the RDN has allowed many developers and families to build homes in this area surrounding the proposed gravel pit by Lafarge. The RDN even allowed large forest companies to sell off residential lands all surrounding this gravel pit. How is it that the RDN can be allowed to let residential communities to be built up around a potential gravel pit? This is very poor planning on the RDN’s and the province of BC if they allow a gravel pit to be built.

The objectives as laid out in the RDN’s official community plan is to preserve rural character and environmental quality, and minimizing conflict between residential development and agriculture, silviculture and natural resource extraction activities. However, if the RDN does not do everything in their power to stop the gravel pit from going through they are contradicting their own objectives of the official community plan. The RDN and the province of BC needs to be accountable for poor planning and risking the health and safety of local residences and wildlife for large corporate profit. 

This proposed gravel pit at 1975 Nanaimo River Road would be operating 12 hours a day, five days a week from 6am-6pm. The excavated materials would then be trucked through our community to Hub City Lafarge’s plant near the Island Highway. This gravel pit would see a gravel truck every 2.11 minutes (avg based on Hub City Pit actual volume) along Nanaimo River Rd. This increase of trucks represents a 62% increase in traffic volume and increased risk of vehicular accidents/incidents. The addition of trucks adds a significant risk to children accessing school bus on Nanaimo River Road. There is also a high recreational use of this area (swimming/hiking/ horseback riding/ cycling/camping/jogging/kayaking) and has a very close proximity to TransCanada Trail.

There is an incredible risk to the environment as the gravel pit would border Boulder Creek and Nanaimo River. The pit would erode soil and have the potential for increased sediments to flow into our fish bearing creeks and rivers. There would be a significant decrease in air quality with serious health risks, particularly for a known carcinogen called Crystalline silica. This is a very windy area and the potential for these carcinogens to travel a great distance is high. These pits require heavy duty equipment including a rock crusher that would be very loud and disruptive to the residences and local wildlife.

The Nanaimo River, our creeks and fish bearing waterways are worth standing up for and protecting.  If the government is telling us that our salmon our disappearing and that our resident orcas are starving because there are no fish, then how could the same governments allow industry such as heavy equipment and gravel pits to operate right on top of our fish bearing rivers and creeks?

Have you ever seen a gravel pit afterwards that was properly re-mediated? We live in a world we really need to protect our environment, especially sensitive ones that produce salmon, steelhead, and trout to name a few.  

Help prevent the random & incoherent development of resource mines in the South Nanaimo communities of Southforks Nanaimo River. Please sign and share on social media. We need to stand up to large corporations that just want to risk our communities and neighborhoods for short term profit. 

We have started a Go Fund Me account to raise money for proper legal consultation please contribute anything you can: