Save the mangroves in New Zealand

Save the mangroves in New Zealand

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Currently, there is a bill making its way through parliament called the Thames Coromandel and Hauraki District Council Mangrove Management Bill. This bill will allow the groups to remove mangroves without any resource consent or oversight. The reason they want to remove the mangroves is rapid expansion in areas mangroves where minimal or not present and people want reversion to an "original' state. This 'original state' however cannot but achieved by only removing mangroves as the wider land-use in the area has caused sedimentation, which has enabled mangroves to spread. Fixing the practices that lead to the large amounts of sedimentation should cause mangroves to revert back to populating the places that they were originally found.  

 This bill is a problem because mangroves are beneficial to the environment and provide many benefits. Mangroves provide a habitat for many organisms and also likely provide below ground carbon or "blue carbon". Mangroves are also natural floodwalls and act as a buffer between the land and the sea and also trap sediments and nutrients that run off the land.

While the removal of some mangroves may prove beneficial, bypassing the RMA and indiscriminately removing mangroves in the area could be disastrous and that is what the bill allows these district councils to do. 

Please help us to raise awareness and stop the destruction of mangroves before it's too late.