We support Heera Group

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Dear All,

Heera Group is one of those companies in india which allows investment based on Islamic principles. Hence being Muslims  its a very essential platform for us as an investors.

Company exist since last 10 years and it has a good track record of paying dividends to all investors regularly. There are thousands of investors across india and many widows and disabled are dependant on monthly income from this company,


But since last few months CEO of the company Dr Nowhera Shaikh has been trapped into certain political conspiracy. Due to which the entire functioning of company has got effected. Thousands of investors are not getting monthly dividends.

We all believe in Indian law and we do respect the court's decision, however we all investors want to show our support for this company through this petition.

We believe that intention of this company is not to cheat and escape.

We are with Heera Group, 

We are with Nowhera Shaikh