Naming St. Patrick's Gym Floor After Coach Landry

Naming St. Patrick's Gym Floor After Coach Landry

July 7, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Beau Landry

Event: Mr. & Mrs. Landry Reception
St. Patrick's Gym - Washington, IL
Saturday, September 17, 2022 - 11:00am-3:00pm

Please join us to celebrate the combined 30 years of volunteer coaching of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Landry at St. Patrick's. Mr. Landry. Plaque presentation and words of recognition will take place at 2:00pm. Please join us after the reception for mass at 4:00pm. 


St. Patrick’s School Administration and Athletic Department,

Remembering, honoring, and recognizing one of St. Pat's most successful basketball coaches, we respectfully ask that Coach Dennis Landry be forever honored by placing his name on St. Patrick’s gymnasium floor.

We believe that generational success paves the way for future generations to be successful. In other words, if it wasn’t for Coach Landry coaching basketball, St Patrick's school might not have evolved into the successful basketball program it is today.

Dennis served as Head Basketball Coach from 1968-1989. He devoted 20 years to the service of young men from 5th grade to 8th grade on a voluntary basis and his success speaks for itself. He made a mark on young men extending beyond the basketball court, which prompted this petition.

Now, 33 years later, a collection of former players have realized that Coach Landry's impact on their lives was so significant and profound it prompted this motion to have him formally recognized in such a manner that future generations will learn of his dedication and commitment to students at
the school.

Dennis' teams put trophies in the trophy case but most importantly, he helped shape the lives of young, primarily Catholic men who have now passed down those never-forgotten values to their families. His volunteer dedication extended to giving kids rides to practices, staying late to allow parents who worked time to pick up their children, having basketball practice nightly, participating in games on weekends, and competing in tournaments that lasted all day and into the night while he worked a full time job. He even had an open gym on the weekends during Christmas break and during the off season. One of his long term accomplishments was to start the annual 6th Grade Basketball Tournament that continues today. We know a significant amount of time has passed since the end of his coaching career but for the majority of his previous players, he is still remembered as an influential person in their lives…….a LEGEND! Placing names on sports complexes, buildings, etc. has become a way to honor those who have made an impact not just during their coaching tenure but for years to come. Coach Landry loved kids and loved coaching basketball, but more importantly, his work ethic and life lessons were taught through basketball and by example. He became one of the most successful coaches at the school because his players respected his love for the game and his support for them personally.

As a volunteer, his unprecedented support and commitment to his basketball players is what lives on for future generations. It is time to reward this amazing success via our request that the St. Pat’s Gymnasium floor be named in recognition of him. A celebratory event is tentatively scheduled for September 17, 2022, when we would like to honor Coach Landry and unveil the naming of the floor!

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Signatures: 108Next Goal: 200
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