Police officer who killed a 17year old must be locked up

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On sunday the 1st of December, a boy by the name Jonny Doeses was killed by a police officer in Damara location in Windhoek. The boy was a learner at Goreangab Junior Secondary school, a grade 10 learner. The boy was killed in cold blood and no matter what the case may be, the man in uniform must face the music. Justice must apply. It is a disappointment on how our men and women in uniforms are failing their duties by resolting to violence or killing of civilians. We want the police officer to face the law, for no one is above the law. 

As per information from his sister, the police officer looked "tipsy" intoxicated and instead of stating why he started beating up the boy, he ordered for the sister to "shut up" and chopped her to the ground. That is an assault case and killing the poor boy is a big case that doesn't need to be left unattended to.