Namibians Nationwide to say no to a corrupt to all Ministers and president of Namibia.

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Non of the corrupt lawyer must represent any of the corrupt ministers. Justice must be served. No lawyer to invest in any of the Government's project as a shareholder. Once the ministry of justice corrupt, the whole judicial law of the country will be considered corrupt. A country with corrupt law is not a country. Law must be taken seriously due to the country safety and security. Criminal law must be respected, instead of paying bail they must be served the bail option after they jailed. No category cell in prison, no VIP CELLER. THEY ALL MUST TEST THE PRISONERS TREATMENTS. ANY CRIMINAL OFFENCE IS AGAINIST THE LAW. ALL THE INFORMATION WHICH LINK THE ACCUSED MINISTER MUST BE PUBLISHED IN THE LOCAL NEWSPAPER AND INTERNATIONAL. POLICE DEPARTMENT MUST NOT ONLY PROTECT ONE POLITICAL PARTY, BUT ALL MUST BE PROTECTED, NOT JUST A RULING PARTY. ANY POLICE OFFICERS ACCEPT BRIBING MUST BE TERMINATED RIGHT AWAY AND MUST BE JAILED, THEY KNOW THE LAW AND THEY MUST NOT ABUSE IT.  ALL MINISTERS OF THE GOVERNMENT MUST BE MONITORED IF THEY ARE USING THE NAMIBIA  CONSTITUTION ACTS AS PRESENTED BY JUDICIAL OF THE COUNTRY.  NO POLITICAL PARTY OF THE NAMIBIA  GOVERNMENT SHOULD APPOINT THE PRESIDENT OF THE COUNTRY TO BE A PRESIDENT OF ANY POLITICAL PARTIES. NAMIBIAN CONSTITUTION LAW MUST BE MONITORED BY INTERNATIONAL LAW.