Pro-Life Namibia "Rejecting the Legalisation of Abortion in Namibia"

Pro-Life Namibia "Rejecting the Legalisation of Abortion in Namibia"

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Pro-Life Namibia started this petition to Namibia Government and

Maybe a few or more of us are aware of an on-line petition "To Legalize Abortion in Namibia" which was launched on the 11th June 2020, according to an article in The Namibian of 12th June 2020, by a young Namibian woman, who seeks support with a target of 1500 signatures. They have almost reached 5000 signatures.

I quote the purpose of "Legalize Abortion in Namibia."

"The purpose of the petition is to express a collective plea to legalize abortion in Namibia, as well as to express the importance of legalizing abortion in Namibia. In order for social change to take place in Namibia, civil society as a collective has to show the Namibian Government what are our wants and needs are so that the issue can be prioritised."

The activists are seeking the right of sexual and reproductive health, control of their health, lives and bodies and to achieve gender equality. They claim this as their human right, supported by their Pro- Choice, which is defined as supporters advocating legalized abortion.

What is abortion?

It is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy most often performed during the first 28weeks and not to be done before 7weeks.

The current Abortion and Sterilisation Act of SA (1975) which is still applying in our country states, The Act only provides for legal services under circumstances such as rape and health risks.

The activists want a New Act - To read as " That Namibian women can take full ownership and practise autonomy over their own bodies. Namibian Government ensures that women and young girls in Namibia realise their right to sexual and reproductive health, to control over their health, lives and bodies and to achieve gender equality."

The aim of the activists is the right of gender equality for the legalization of abortion is to grant the LBGTQI the equal right, that it is not necessary to conceive to have babies under same sex marriage.

In our Namibian context, we know that we have a big percentage of single mother households. A great contribution of an unstabilized community of young people. This is because of the absentees of fathers in the household.

Our young girls and young ladies are out there looking for someone to fill the gap and the NEED for love. Their need is for the acceptance to falling in love with a male person. She begins to trust him as she would looking for a father figure she can trust. Our young girls and ladies are falling trapped in the arms of brutal young and old men, of whom some also grew up without a father figure. These men were never taught and did not have a mentor to show them how to first respect a woman as a person and secondly the respect of her body.

We must admit we have a broken Namibian society and the easiest for our young people of this generation is to follow the trends of the worldly systems. At the end, we as the nation of Namibia have to deal with the results of Gender base violence, Rape, Sexual abuse, Sex outside marriage, dumping of new born babies and a generation of young people who lacks to know their real identity.

Having said all these, how are we going to address this?

We have young age mothers, middle age mothers, elderly mothers, widows, grandmothers and great grandmothers in our society. Most of us have experienced what the "gift of conception" in pregnancy means, whether in marriage or outside marriage. We know that we will have thousands and thousands of testimonies of our first pregnancy and what effect it had on us as a mother. Let us use the opportunity now to educate and discuss with our young daughters at home what "Pro-life" means.

Let us address the current burning issue by:

1. Collectively reject the "Legalization of Abortion in Namibia."

2. We are not allowing the evil of legalizing of abortion to look good under the system of human rights.

3. We will no longer keep silence, as it will be a sign of rejecting the Biblical form of life giving through birth.

4. Keeping silence means we give God the approval to bring the wrath upon this nation of Namibia because of our unrighteous actions.

5. We say no to Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.

Let us stand together and mobilise our women to say No to legalize abortion.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!