I want Amino to get out of their asses and deal with my problems.

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Get ready for a trip.

Amino. Recently, amino has been going through a midlife crisis. It seems that it has gotten progressively worse, especially with the people it decided to call it's owner. Shame on you, Amino. Now the people, the people that make Amino great, and sometimes not so great, are being IGNORED. Well, we won't stand for this shit. 

We just fucking want to turn off Amino+ and gain more overwhelming power for ourselves. Is that so hard? 

On a more "commoner" level, Amino is just really mean. So there. In your face, Team Amino. You can fuck off, like Yoongi's sticker pack says that nearly got us banned. 

We want Amino to give the people more power. To have more thoughts. To actually get their opinion heard. That can't be too mean a feat, surely?